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Bacterial conjugation

Cryo-EM Structure of a Relaxase Reveals the Molecular Basis of DNA Unwinding during Bacterial Conjugation
Ilangovan, A., Kay, C.W.M., Roier, S., El Mkami, H., Salvadori, E., Zechner, E.L., Zanetti, G., and Waksman, G. (2017)
Cell 169, 708-721 e712
Structure of the Bacterial Sex F Pilus Reveals an Assembly of a Stoichiometric Protein-Phospholipid Complex
Costa, T.R.D., Ilangovan, A., Ukleja, M., Redzej, A., Santini, J.M., Smith, T.K., Egelman, E.H., and Waksman, G. (2016)
Cell 166, 1436-1444 e1410
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